Becoming a freediver or a scuba diver necessitate people to obtain internationally known and accepted certificates which also show that the participants have successfully completed their underwater training. During the technical dives in freediving or scuba diving, the candidate divers gradually get used to using specific diving equipment such as diving mask, neoprene wet suits, BCDs or fins. As the number of dives increase, it is a high tendency among divers to look for their own equipment. This process is called the personalization of the diving equipment. Although it is somehow more difficult to carry or transfer your scuba diving equipment to the far edges of the world, some people still prefer it this way rather than renting out the equipment from the dive school that they are visiting. These divers prefer purchasing their personal diving equipment, mostly from online stores on diving equipment. It might be cheaper to buy your personal diving equipment from online stores since many of them offer promotion codes for first-time visitors. It is very common to see online promo codes on the portals such as , Amazon or even E-Bay.

The Must-Know Things Before You Purchase Your Diving Equipment

Before you purchase your own diving equipment from online stores, there are several points that you need to pay attention to:

  • Scuba diving equipment can differ immensely from freediving equipment. If you are applying freediving as an outdoor sport and not like an activity for an underwater expedition, then you might need to purchase monofins rather than bifins that are also used in scuba diving
  • Before you purchase your diving mask, make sure that it is resistant to the level of depths that you are planning to dive at. The masks that are designed for scuba diving differ slightly from the freediving masks
  • Double check the warmth of the waters that you will be diving into since the thickness of your neoprene wet suit can change depending on how cold or warm the water is. If your neoprene is so thin and you are planning to dive into very cold waters, this plan might not work out
  • Regulators, fins and some other personal items can be purchased separately but please make sure that they all fit your body perfectly.