Once people start exploring the beauties of the underwater world, they realize that there are various ways of living and understanding the marine itself. Freediving is one of the most interesting techniques for exploring what is hidden underwater. There might be amphoras, shipwrecks, sunken cities or historical ruins awaiting for freedivers. Here are the advantages of being a freediver and using freediving as a method to enjoy different shades of blue.

Freediving: A Lifestyle

Exploring the various depth of underwater without possessing heavy equipment is a challenge for everyone. Although people feel safer with scuba diving material, especially with BC and the tanks, there is a way healthier and easier method for diving deep: freediving. Allowing you to use each and every muscle on your body, freediving creates a completely different way of approaching to your body and mind. People who start practising freediving realise that their living habits and reflexes also change step by step. This is because the philosophy of freediving encourages people to stay calm and positive all the time. Here is a shortlist of possible impacts of learning freediving on your life:

  • Freediving kindly invites all newcomers to start doing regular stretching and yoga all year long. These practices enable people to do breathing exercises of freediving easily while allowing them to feel more comfortable in freediving classes
  • In freediving, there will be no heavy equipment on your shoulders. Therefore your body will be more elastic when it comes to the diving inside of the shipwrecks, passing among giants rocks or exploring underwater plateaus. You will enjoy exploring colourful marine habitats across different corners of the world
  • Freediving gives you the urge to explore tropical islands and authentic coastal areas where most of the freediving schools are located. So you will be receiving a great amount of vitamin D under the abundant sun while meeting with new people and eating healthy. Most freediving schools offer free yoga classes in the morning
  • Freediving encourages you to start eating healthy and take good care of your lungs since you need them the most
  • For those who would like to start learning underwater photography, freediving is more convenient when it comes to keeping your balance and shooting at the correct moment
  • Although people tend to believe in the opposite, divers can stay longer underwater if their dive times are added consecutively. Freedivers are allowed to dive as much as they can unless their bodily capacities allow them. So there is no nitrogen or oxygen-based limitations on freedivers at the end of the day