There is no limit to the opportunities that will broaden your way once you start exploring the underwater world. Scuba diving is one of the techniques that would allow you to spend more time underwater while being fully adapted to different depths. Therefore the idea of going after what is not known yet underwater attracts so many people. Because of this reason, the number of people who complete a globally known and accepted scuba diving training programme increases year by year. The underwater federations or diver certification organizations such as CMAS, PADI, SSI provide regular scuba diving classes and certificates for different levels. Once people receive their certificate, they can start exploring the different dive spots of the world while doing interactive scuba activities or joining distinct dive groups. Take a look!

Best Dive Sites of the World

People who are addicted to the underwater world cannot stop searching for unknown dive spots and travelling to exotic countries just for scuba diving. Since each dive gives people a totally different experience, divers tend to keep a dive logbook and write down their observations underwater. Here are the must-see dive sites of the world which attract divers from all levels:

  • Great Blue Hole, Belize: For experienced divers, this is the best spot where you can dive up to 42 meters and feel like flying. If you want to challenge yourself by diving to one of the deepest spots of the world, this is the opportunity waiting for you
  • Half Moon Cave, Belize: For all divers, this spot offers mesmerizing underwater views with unlimited marine biodiversity. Be ready to see a mother dolphin along with her juvenile saluting you from only two meters
  • Darwin Arc, Galapagos: At this spot, divers are questioning the evolution theory and the normal routine of their lives. A must-see spot for all scuba divers
  • The Blue Hole, Dahab, Egypt: Exploring the marine biodiversity of Red Sea has never been that easy if you are diving to the Blue Hole of Dahab. You can meet with so many other scuba divers that come from different locations of the globe just to see the shades of blue at this diving spot
  • Palancanar Bricks, Cozumel, Mexico: Crystal clear waters, an incredible level of sight underwater and indulging harmony of sand and red bricks underwater. Best for underwater photographers
  • Blue Magic, Raja Ampat, Indonesia: You can start exploring Indonesian islands from Raja Ampat since each island offers the divers so many marine species along with enchanting views of marine habitats. Don’t miss this spot.

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