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Experience the beauty of the underwater world by snorkeling San Diego and La Jolla with the experienced guides from SeaClypse Dive Adventures. Our guides have over 12 years of snorkel and scuba diving experience in the San Diego area, and we know all the hot spots! Let our guides lead you on an incredible 2 hour journey that will begin at La Jolla Cove and take you throughout the La Jolla ecological reserve from shallow reefs, to the majestic kelp forests and the famous La Jolla Caves.

If you are new to the aquatic envirorment we will cater to your experience level. We include personalized instruction as part of the price. Our goal is to acclimate you to the envirorment and gear first, then lead you on a experience you will always remember. Let Seaclypse introduce you to our aquatic friends. Regular encounters with seals and sea lions as well as a host of other marine inhabitants will definately have you wanting more!


Our Snorkeling Adventure is $60/person. This includes a 2-hour tour with a Guide, all required gear, any instruction that may be needed and use of an underwater camera. We will cater to schedule and show you a great time!

Experience the thrill of snorkeling San Diego/La Jolla with  snorkel tours of the La Jolla Ecological Reserve.  The kelp beds, shallow reefs and La Jolla caves are among the finest snorkeling sites in California.  This picture is a typical summer day at La Jolla Cove.  Contact SeaClypse at 619-203-3476 to begin a snorkel adventure you won't soon forget!

To begin your San Diego Snorkel Adventure contact Seaclypse Dive Adventures at (619)203-3476 and be ready for a thrill you won't soon forget.






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