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Some cool critters seen Scuba Diving in San Diego!


Expand your Horizons!

Experience the Thrill and Beauty of Our Underwater World



Experience the Thrill and Beauty of San Diego's underwater world!

Learn Scuba Diving and see cool marine life, like this playful seal at La Jolla Cove!

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SCUBA Diving Classes in San Diego

Are you ready to take the plunge? Let SeaClypse Dive Adventures and its experienced staff teach and inspire you about the exciting world of Scuba Diving, San Diego scuba diving specifically. We are staffed with professional and experienced Instructors and Dive Masters whose goal is to educate and inspire our students. Our attention to detail, concern for your safety and extensive diving experience in the San Diego area will certainly reflect in your Diving skills. Quality Dive Instruction is what we are all about.

We offer a wide variety of quality Dive and Emergency Management instruction. Choose from intro to scuba courses to Professional Dive programs and specialty classes. Also, Emergency First Responder (CPR/First Aid), DAN Instruction in Oxygen use, First Aid for Scuba Diving and marine Life injuries, to name a few. Use of all gear, instruction and learning materials are included in the price of the courses


Banded Guitar Fish at Childrens Pool


  Introduction Dives  


Always wanted to try Scuba? These dives are a great opportunity for you to experience the thrill of scuba diving without a certification! After learning a few basic skills, you're off to the ocean with an experienced Instructor for an adventure you won't soon forget! Scuba Dive San Diego and Experience the Thrill and Beauty of our Underwater World! Class info >>


Open Water Scuba


This scuba certification class is a performance-based course which gives you the foundation of knowledge necessary to scuba dive safely to 60 feet with a buddy, independent of supervision. Our classes are Private and based on your schedule, allowing us to give you quality dive instruction, based on your needs. Learn to scuba dive in as little as 3-5 days, perfect for those last minute vacation planners needing a scuba certification. We will cater to your needs. We include all learning materials and equipment in the price of our course. Allowing you to try different types of gear prior to purchase. Class info >>




This program is perfect for the newly certified diver who just has to get wet! Diving is what it's all about. 5 dives over 2-3 days, allowing you to increase your confidence and expand your limitations while under the supervision of an Instructor. We include use of all gear and learning materials as part of the course. Class info >>


Rescue Diver Class San Diego


A safe diver is always learning. Are you ready to handle a unforeseen diving accident? This course is highly recommended for all divers and is a perquisite for all Professional Level programs. We will increase your self-rescue ability as well as your readiness to deal with possible dive accidents. We will teach you to recognize and deal with Diver Stress and Anxiety and to manage diving emergencies. Ocean training will include a number of skills ranging from tired diver and egress techniques to Response, Egress and Emergency Management scenarios. You will walk away from this class with a greater respect of what it takes to be a safe and prepared diver and buddy. Dive Safe!! Class Info >>


Dive Master Course


For those who are interested in a full-time or part-time career in recreational Diving. We will fine tune your supervision and leadership skills necessary to assist instructors with classes or independently guide certified divers and snorkel tours. Class info >>




These scuba certification classes will give you significant training and experience in a variety of dive environments. In addition to expanding your general diving skills in different dive environments, you will gain a greater confidence in your abilities and awareness of your limitations. We offer a wide variety of Specialty classes, from Navigation and Deep diving to Night, Wreck and Nitrox. For those interested in the critters, we offer Naturalist and Photography specialties. Class Info >>



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