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Scuba Diving Classes San Diego



Guided Shore Dives

Scuba Dive San Diego! Let our professional staff show you the hottest scuba dive spots in the San Diego/La Jolla area. These spots are diverse and spectacular. Choose a dive profile from shallow reef dives (15'- 35'), majestic kelp dives (35'- 65') and deep dives into the La Jolla submarine canyon (55'- 130'). The amount of underwater life in San Diego is incredible. We scuba dive over 15 different spots regularly throughout the San Diego and La Jolla area. Each spot has it's own thrill and variety of life. We will cater to your experience level and show you a great time! Swim with the seals at Casa Cove, or the Bat Rays and Leopard Sharks at the Marine Room. Experience the thrill of San Diego scuba diving with your own personal guide from SeaClypse Dive Adventures. (Price includes Certified Divemaster or Instructor and delivery of gear if needed.)

Leopard Sharks are seen snorkeling in San Diego/La Jolla from spring to late fall.

Scuba dive San diego!

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Guided Night Dives

If you thought day dives were great, try a night dive on the reefs, or in the kelp of some of La Jolla's best dive spots. You will be guided on a journey you will never forget. Most of the ocean life is out at night giving you a great opportunity to view the variety of marine life common to this area. Encounter large bat rays, shy Horn sharks, sting rays, Guitarfish, lobster and crabs, octopus or even seals, as well as many types of schooling fish and other reef fishes. If you're up to the excitement of San Diego's underwater nightlife, let one of our experienced Divemasters or Instructors guide you through the night. (Price includes Certified Divemaster or Instructor, and delivery of gear if needed.)


Gear Rental Rates

  • Full set of gear (everything needed) $50
  • Tank $10
  • BC $15
  • Regulator $15
  • Wet Suit $15
  • Light $10
  • Weight Belt $8
  • Mask, Snorkel, fins $15
  • Hood, gloves, boots $15





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