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San Diego offers some of the finest boat diving in Southern California. Its breathtaking offshore scuba diving sites are among the most diverse and facinating on the West Coast. From Wreck Alley and the Giant Kelp Forests of Point Loma and La Jolla, to the pristine beauty of the Coronado Islands. What ever your pleasure, you are sure to find it boat diving in San Diego. Our boat dives are from fully equipped, Coast Guard approved diving vessels with some of the most enthusiastic crews in San Diego. Features include large swim steps and ladders for easy entries and exits, plenty of storage and warm showers!

Boat Diving in San Diego offers some fantastic diving sites for the beginner and advanced diver alike!

Dive Sites

Wreck Alley:
A unique boat diving experience in San Diego! Wreck alley consists of a group of artificial reefs one mile off the coast of Mission Beach. In addition to excitement that comes with exploring the wrecks, each wreck is teeming with life. From schooling fish, lingcod and calico bass to stawberry anenomes, crabs and lobsters, these wrecks can provide you with that perfect scuba experience. Wrecks include: The NOSC Tower, an old weather station that blew over in the storms of 1988. (Max depth 60 feet). The El Rey, a retired kelp cutter. (Max depth 85 feet). The Ruby E, a 160' US Coast Guard cutter sunk in 1989 (Max depth 90 feet) and our new treasure, the 366' "Yukon". An 8 deck, Canadian Mckenzie class destroyer escort that was sunk in 100' of water as part of San Diego's artificial reef program! The Yukon is a wreck divers haven, and is among the most popular boat dives in San Diego. These boat dives require some experience due to their depth, but are a must see if boat diving in San Diego.

Kelp Forests:
The Point Loma and La Jolla Kelp Beds offer some of the most beautiful boat diving in the San Diego area. It's giant kelp canopies are home to a vast array of our underwater friends. Glide through these incredible underwater forests with playful seals and a wide variety of reef fish. The large rocky reef bottom makes up the home for the California Spiny Lobster, Sea Hares and colorful Nudibranchs. Great for photography! (depth range 20'- 80')

Boat Dives in San Diego offers some of the best scuba diving on the west coast, the Point Loma Kelpbeds are a sight you won't soon forget!

Coronado Islands:
This is the best day trip San Diego has to offer for visibility. With diving visibility averaging between 50'- 150', and common encounters with Sea Lions, Harbor Seals, octopus, Horn Sharks, Moray Eels, Garibaldis, and purple coral-- these are dives you'll always remember. (skill level: beginner to advanced)

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Price per person (tanks, weights and food included):

  • Wreck Alley, Kelp Beds (2 tanks)$80.00
  • Coronado Islands (2 tanks) $110.00
  • Local Night Dives $60.00/per dive






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